Electronic Control Units


Electronic Control Units

The veratron control modules and NMEA2000 gateway devices provide and easy method to interface your vessel and engine information to NMEA2000.

  • Engine Box is a fully configyrabile ECU ideal for engine and helm retrofits converting analog sensor sensor data to NMEA2000 allowing any NMEA 2000® Multi-Function display to show critical engine data and alarms.
  • MediaBox can be mounted literally everywhere on the boat. Listen to radio and weather forecasts with its built in AM / FM Tuner or connect a MP3 player via USB or Bluetooth smartphone to enjoy your favorite music.
  • The veratron LinkUp gateways bring your analogue sensors to the NMEA 2000® network era.

    All your boat’s data are now digitally available to be displayed on any NMEA 2000® enabled device.

    Thanks to its innovative wireless configuration method the configuration of your gateway has never been so easy!

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